The first exclusively China-committed consultancy firm in Europe: Two Decades of Dongfang: Things Changed, Things Preserved.

Dongfang Ltd. was founded in October 1990, after several commissions during a soft-opening phase since 1989. Therefore we may claim to be the earliest exclusively China-committed consultancy firm in Europe. The founding shareholders were:

  • Ewald Hundrup, political journalist
  • Dr. Walter Beck, legal scholar, attorney at law, university teacher, President of Bavarian section of the German-Arabic Society
  • Michael Hundrup, master of Asian studies, historian,many years of China experience

Early assignments in official privatization consulting (German Treuhandanstalt), marketing consulting (Daimler-Benz, Audi, MSE), and as a sourcing agency (poultry meat, various foodstuffs and machinery for industrial food processing) as well as license agency (publications industry, chemical/technical products) took care of Dongfangs early growth and enabled us to gain valuable experience in various fields of business.

From 1992 Liaison Office in Beijing, branches in Munich and Dresden.

1995 Retirement of shareholders Ewald Hundrup and Dr. Walter Beck from operative business, but continuing as free-lance consultants. Concentration of office locations in Germany, ultimately maintaining only head office in Ostbevern.
Hundreds of minor assignments by MSE (Medium Sized Enterprises), some long-term strategy projects, especially in foodstuffs trade and oem manufacturing of consumer goods, but also including assignments connected to government delegation visits, European and Chinese industrial associations, etc.

1996 through 1998 temporary engagement as an importer of frozen foodstuffs and cross-trader between China and USA, Caribbean and South Africa ( for two years leading supplier of Chinese frozen poultry meat to RSA).

1998 extension of our head office facilities in rural Muensterland in Northrhine Westphalia.

Since 2000 more assignments for MSE in strategic consulting, co-operation and product sourcing, but also for multinational companies.

2002 closer affiliation with Karthaus GmbH in Lemgo, and with a group of long-term freelance co-operators in China, for the purpose of improving services for a group of companies in the European furniture industry. The same year brings a new key-account with a multinational cosmetics, medical and appliance customer.

Until present day continuous work for long-standing customer accounts. Several Foreign Enterprise Incorporations on behalf of European and US clients, in China and Vietnam. Increased activity as a staff agency, two successful license transfers in periodical publishing, consultancy in environmental and consumer-protective soil treatment, plant production, services for art galleries, art traders and individual artists, etc.

Maybe we are a little more aware of history and heritage than others. We do feel especially obliged to the good tradition of excellent political, cultural and economic relations between China and Germany. We know the standards history has set for us to meet, the achievements between China and Germany that need to be protected, developed further and utilized.

There is a heritage of high mutual esteem and many-leveled friendships that are growing into mutual depending, trust and understanding.

That is the historical continuity we work in.