Dongfang - Experienced Advice and Outsourcing in Trade, Manufacturing, QA/QS and Logistics

Our operational services refer to everyday business and intervene in the routine of our customers as far as they wish it, allow it and no more than strictly necessary. The keyword here is: Outsourcing

Work takes place in accordance with the customer’s detailed instructions in order to achieve a truly individual strategy and schedule, with no flat mold pattern, but nevertheless under professional control and with compact reporting.

All services of DONGFANG are under constant internal quality control in the sense of synergetic application of the cumulated experience of the team.

For 20 years we have been serving an international clientele of large and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, we are familiar with different organization models, working arrangements, team definitions, and forms of corporate culture, enabling us to adapt to your corporation immediately and form an ideal and seamless project team.

Concerning offers, commissions, liability etc. please consult our General Conditions of Business (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen [AGB – General Business Terms and Conditions], or contact us directly!