Project Consulting

Experienced advice, Studies and Analyses for Sound Deliberation and Decision Making

Is the intended business at all feasible in China? What is the market good for…? What is the best strategy to achieve swift, sustainable and eco- and sociocompatible profits? Where is the best place to locate the business? Go for it alone or seek local partners? Who could they be? For how long? What is the minimum outlay, what risks remain inevitable? How to secure the business in China against the hazards of regional and structural change, international relations, competition and piracy (to name just a few key questions)?

Dongfang analyses for you the feasibility, strategies, hazards, location, market conditions and dynamics, business partners and (often most important) alternative strategies.

In 20 years, many of our clients in this domain have chosen to remain with us for consulting in the ensuing operational phase. So, obviously, they were satisfied with us in phase one. And our lasting involvement has proved worthwhile in many cases.