Corporate Philosophy

The core principle

The swirl of flowing water in a stream is an immensely complex movement, but it simply goes back to self-dynamics and the force of gravity. Everything obeys the simple laws of nature. Inapt complex theories fail because of the simplicity of basic rules.

Dongfang does not indulge in big theories and we do not hold lectures on China. With an academic background and extensive practical business experience we know better than to waste your and our time. Western fondness for presentations, the corporate meeting and lecture culture plus excessive planning can damage the business on an inter-cultural level.

We are not trying to blend oil with water, and we are not making a secret alchemy of Chinese business, but we concentrate on the necessary and the feasible, so that flowing brooks may unite to rivers.

For more than two decades, Dongfang’s enthusiasm, commitment and experience have successfully reduced operational risks for our clients, made all kinds of processes more efficient and secure, accelerated achievement, avoided wrong decisions, reduced outlay and avoided a great deal of social and ecological damage.

How we work and how you may benefit from it:

The working method of Dongfang is very strongly networked and pragmatic. Consulting, various practical services and trade do not happen in solitary departments, we are not limiting horizons by isolating tasks. You benefit from our staff’s general overview and experience at all times. Efficiency, Communication, Privacy and Economy stand above all else. Our consulting is far from being pragmatic or academic but oriented on feasibility and results.

We are no Hired Speakers. Our Time is your Money.

Dongfang leaves convention speeches, training sessions and intercultural coaching to others, but concentrates on your individual project. We directly address customer issues one by one, in order of priority, without complicating matters or getting our clients or ourselves unfocussed. Relying on our experience and proven ability to move things ahead, we concentrate on the immediate challenge to quickly navigate our clients into the profit zone.

Proven connections to many different businesses and many friends in all walks of life and most regions of China and Europe allow us to immerge in almost any kind of project without newcomer’s delay. And being welcomed as well reputed partners if not indeed as old friends. Dongfang maintains excellent ties with professional and political elites, important government bodies and organizations, in China und Europe.

Dongfang is a good Chinese name and our popularity in China is strong. Nevertheless, Dongfang is a 100% German company, and whilst working for a more or less international clientele, we see ourselves in a good German mercantile tradition and try to live up to its best virtues as known all over the world.