Corporate and Financial Inquiries

Your business partner in China, reviewed from various angles, legal and financial status, creditworthiness, various corporate key figures, professional reputation.

Co-operation between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in China and Europe is rapidly increasing, and privatization of the Chinese economy advancing. More and more folks are entering the marketplace, advertising themselves. Tempting offers are multiplying, and so is the risk of picking a rotten apple, often even after a promising start.

What corporate structure is really behind “Sally”, “Candy”, “Sammy” and “Mick”?

The widespread habit in Chinese SMEs staff to correspond under assumed “English” first names and keep their real civic names for themselves, is often shrouding their actual corporate background. Alibaba and other B2B platforms present a multitude of impostors who claim to be honorable companies, but are not. Every experienced trader has stories which make your hair stand on end. In this situation it is becoming more important than ever to obtain reliable (background) information about prospective business partners. Our Credit Reports provide the information for your safety: Incorporation facts, capacity, credit information with a ranking, reputation in the industry, strengths and weaknesses.

Reliable, professional Company Profiles with Credit Rating and Risk Assessment

DONGFANG compiles first-hand facts on subjects from own staff investigation and reliable Chinese local information services, status enquiry agencies and credit agencies, otherwise unavailable abroad. Our Credit Reports come in three different versions, Basic Incorporation Report, Standard Credit Report and In-Depth Credit Report (please refer to the INFO box).

You pick the report you need and provide a name, we arrange the research.